Reasons You Should Consider Investing In Breakaway Lanyards



You must have worn a lanyard daily, but you might have yet to consider the importance of breakaway lanyards. These accessories are display cases for ID cards, mostly in offices or schools. You might wonder which type to choose for your organization and its employees. People wear them not only as ID holders but as keychains and mobile phone holders, each type having its uses, advantages, and disadvantages.

There might be a danger of snagging away from the lanyard, but a breakaway lanyard protects you from theft and other dangers. There are many breakaway lanyards available in terms of design, color, size, detachability, and width but considering the right one for your needs and requirements is essential, as each type has its function.

 What Is A Breakaway Lanyard?

As the name suggests, a breakaway lanyard has a quick-release strap that can be instantly released whenever needed. The technique is to put a little pressure on the clasp and detach it from the neck strap. They include a feature that provides safety to school and office goers. It adds an added safety and protection advantage, making it a perfect choice for users. These accessories are usually made from durable material having versatile uses.

These come in various designs and sizes; usually, the clasps are tiny, which makes them invisible and helps you to wear your ID fashionably.

 Why Should You Consider A Breakaway Lanyard?

 Each lanyard type has its advantages. Breakaway lanyards are a popular choice because of the features they offer. Take a look at what are the advantages of using the breakaway type:

 Protection From Snags And Choking:

Simple lanyards with permanent attachments are made with durable hard material. This can choke you if the ID holder is pulled with too much pressure. Breakaway options, which come with detachable features, help avoid this situation as you can detach the attachment from the strip of fabric, preventing choking.

If you get into a snagging incident, there is a surety that you will not harm yourself with the neckband you are wearing. There are a lot of situations when your lanyard gets stuck or caught in objects like door hooks, cabinet handles, unfinished corners, doorknobs, etc. Even when someone is trying to loot you and pull your breakaway lanyard, you will rest assured that your neck is safe.

 Adjust The Length:

With a breakaway clasp, you can adjust the length of the accessory as the clasp is detachable and can be attached anywhere. The length may vary according to the size of your torso. You can adjust the length by attaching the clasp wherever the length suits you perfectly.

 Compatible With Many Fittings:

These accessories are versatile as they are compatible with many end fittings or clasps to hold materials like IDs, passports, cruise cards, etc. They will work well whether you attach them to classic plastic hooks or modern metal clasps with magnetic features.

 Comfortable To Wear:

The breakaway variation is comfortable to wear around the neck. Office employees are usually required to wear it all day long. Breakaway ones usually come in soft fabric braided nicely to fit comfortably around the neck. With these accessories, you will never feel irritated about carrying your ID card around your neck.

 Easily Customizable:

If you want to get your lanyards customized, what better than something that will look good and is comfortable to wear around your neck? To suit your requirements, you can get your breakaway lanyard customized. They come in various fabrics, designs, lengths, etc., which you can choose from.


Investing in a breakaway lanyard is a good option. If you are an organization, buying in bulk may benefit you more. They have a simple safety feature that becomes essential for someone who must wear a lanyard daily.

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