Do You Know Why Chinese Product Quality is Better Now?


China’s association with poor quality in manufacturing stemmed from its historical status as a developing country with promising industrial processes.

Lack of stringent quality control measures further exacerbated this perception. However, with decades of experience, China has significantly enhanced its manufacturing capabilities.

Increased demand for quality from both domestic and international markets has prompted improvements in supply chain management and the emergence of high-end manufacturers and quality assurance providers. This evolution underscores China’s transformation into a global manufacturing powerhouse.

These days, products Made in China are preferred worldwide, as efforts were made to enhance quality by detailed inspections during the manufacturing process. Maple Sourcing in China can also help monitor in-process quality in China by coordinating with third-party quality inspection companies available in China.

If you are sourcing your products from China, then you must know the following tips to make sure your quality of product is impeccable.34

1. You must conduct detailed research on your Chinese supplier

Prior to partnering with a Chinese manufacturer, conduct thorough research. Request references, quality certificates, and case studies. Contact previous clients, especially foreign ones, to assess manufacturing quality and compliance.

2. Inspect the company’s facilities

It is crucial to verify the manufacturer’s facilities to ensure product quality from China. While online communication can be deceiving, visiting the factory in person is ideal. Inspect not only corporate offices but also production facilities to prevent potential deception.

Alternatively, enlist a reputable professional inspector in China for thorough verification. Prioritize referrals and ensure the inspector specializes in product or facility inspections to safeguard against substandard manufacturing practices.

3. Discuss the product standards

Communicate expected product standards clearly to the Chinese manufacturer, leaving no detail unaddressed. This ensures alignment with your business culture and exact standards, which is crucial for achieving desired outcomes.

4. Order sample

To verify product quality from China, order sample items for inspection before placing bulk orders. Testing samples allow assessment of performance for drop-shipping or ecommerce, aiding in informed decision-making for business success.

5. Keep track of the production process

Even after ordering samples, monitor the manufacturing process to ensure compliance. Employ the principle of “trust, but verify” to prevent unexpected deviations. Enlist a trusted individual to oversee the process and ensure alignment with agreed-upon standards.

6. Ensure everything remains in order

Prior to shipping, conduct a final assessment to ensure everything meets standards. Despite due diligence, uncertainties remain. Guard against reputation damage by verifying product quality to avoid selling subpar items to customers.

7. Be sure of your production schedule

Be clear on schedule times to anticipate order arrival and address any unexpected issues. Understanding lead times enables proactive problem-solving and prevents delays or disappointments, ensuring smoother operations for your business.

8. Inspect before shipment

Prioritize a pre-shipment inspection to alleviate any potential disappointment post-receipt, serving as the final assurance step for product quality and peace of mind.


While China is known for both low and high-quality products, however, to assure quality, diligent research and adherence to recommended strategies can help the sourcing of high-quality goods for drop-shipping and ecommerce businesses. With thorough due diligence, it is possible to secure products of unquestionable quality from Chinese suppliers.

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