Choosing Granite Countertops for Your Aesthetic Kitchen Design


You keep hearing about aesthetic design on the home improvement channel and across all your favorite social media sites. What is this new and trendy style that is popping up all around the greater Perrysburg and Toledo area? The Countertop Shop is here to help you see how it works with custom quartz and granite surfaces for your new build or remodel.

What is the Aesthetic Design Style?

An aesthetic design not just looks good, it also fills you with positive vibes. You want to sit at the counter and run your hands over the polished quartz countertop. Breathe deeply of the herbs growing in the window. Put your new dishwasher to work which shines your glassware without added effort.

Aesthetic design functions flawlessly while feeding your soul. Each person will have their own design, as we all respond differently to color, shapes, scents, and even kitchen utensils.

Choosing a Granite Countertop that Makes You Want to Touch

Your customized kitchen or bath will need a special countertop crafted from a unique piece of stone. We recommend that anyone creating a bespoke design visit our showroom, so you can see exactly how your slab will catch the light and invite you to feel the veins and inclusions. If you have no emotional response to the surface, you may not love it in your home.

Edges that Soften the Look and Feel

Select an edge for your granite counters that not only eases sharp corners but also echoes the shape and movement of your carved cabinets. Every inch of your kitchen should feed into your chosen aesthetic.

How Will Your Cookware Coordinate and Work with Your Countertop?

When your perfect kitchen also includes a bright red collection of ceramic bakeware, will the pots be complemented by your other finishes? No matter what time of day you enter the space, the working parts of the room should look just as appealing as the permanent fixtures.

Mixing Modern and Vintage Accents for a Comfortable Kitchen

Most people find comfort in a home that brings together cherished pieces, hardworking tools, and modern amenities. Your aesthetic allows you to add the cabbage rose curtains from the 90s, a hanging pot holder in wrought iron, and an automatic pop-up shelf for your espresso machine. Whatever helps you to relax in the busiest room in the house.

Ultimately, the aesthetic design is more about personal choice rather than selecting popular finishes. We welcome all our neighbors in the greater Toledo and Perrysburg area to come visit us at The Countertop Shop to create a unique design for your kitchen remodel that embraces your personal style.

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