9 Things to Add to Your Bucket List


Life is too short to experience every joy this beautiful world offers. However, that does not mean you cannot have a fulfilling life that people will envy even after you are gone. It is believed that making a bucket list can help you live a beautiful life to make the best of the counted days you have.

A bucket list is a term used to refer to a list of things you want to do before you die. It might seem sad to think about leaving the world, but we all want to experience beautiful things. Keeping and updating your bucket list can keep you motivated and inspired to cherish your life.

If you are also thinking about creating a bucket list filled with experiences, here are a few things you must add to your list.

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1. Travel the World

This world is filled with beautiful locations with a vast range of landscapes and weathers you must experience. Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone, meets new people, and tastes new cuisines. Therefore, you must add traveling to your bucket list as a priority.

Of course, the world is too big, and your means may be limited. You can start by making it your goal to visit all continents, moving down to countries and cities to open your heart and gain new experiences. You can also begin by adding the Seven Wonders of the World to your travel list.

2. Publish a Book

Everyone has a unique story, and writing is a creative process that can help you share your story with the world. Writing is the best way to turn to your thoughts and listen to your inward feelings. This way, you can get perspective on what matters to you and what your life has been missing.

You do not have to fear writing a book. Just write freely and express yourself. Down the lane, you can find a lot of help by getting in touch with a good editor to help you with the tone you can. You can also hire book cover designers to help you give a visual representation of your story.

3. Fall in Love

Nobody has yet figured out an absolute answer to why we fall in love. It’s a strange question that nobody knows the answer to, yet every person feels this emotion at least once in their life and sometimes over and over again. It can have a life-changing impact on you and your partner.

Love can form over many reasons, such as compatibility, attractions, and similar interests. You must add falling in love to your bucket list, as it’s an unmatched experience. It can help you explore new dimensions of emotions and can help you make life-changing discoveries.

4. Explore Local History

Wherever you are living in the world, every place has its own culture, values, and history that can speak to you in many ways. If you have written about exploring the world on your bucket list, you may want to start with exploring your city and state first.

Exploring local history allows you to open new horizons and see the things you may have been taking for granted throughout your life. To begin on a journey of becoming a local explorer, you can start by visiting famous monuments, parks, and zoos.

5. Learn a New Skill

You can never claim to have learned every skill human beings have mastered over time. This world is filled with diversity and has so much to offer. Adding learning a new skill to your bucket list can be an enlightening experience for you.

Whether you want to learn a new sport or acquire a new culinary skill, there are many options to explore. You can choose for yourself according to your liking and preferences. To help you achieve a new skill, you can also join clubs or communities that can help your journey easier.

6. Overcome Your Fears

Fears and phobias are valid and should be respected. But have you ever experienced a fear that has restricted you from doing something fun? For example, hydrophobia restricts many people from taking a careless swim, and acrophobia restricts many from fun activities such as paragliding.

Life is too short to be restricted by what you fear. However, it can be very hard to overcome your fears. You can ask a friend from a loved one to help you overcome your anxieties. The experience that you gain as a result will be life-changing and unforgettable.

7. Volunteer for a Charity

What can bring more joy to one’s life than helping another human being in any possible way? Volunteering for a good cause close to your heart can be a life-changing experience. It can give you a perspective on life, and you will appreciate your blessings.

Therefore, many people worldwide add volunteering for a charity to their bucket list. Volunteering for a charity does not always have to be a very detailed process. You can play your part by donating blood to organizations providing medical help to the needy.

8. Start a Small Business

Do you have a hobby that you excel at, and no one can beat you? Nowadays, almost anything or any skill can be turned into a small business. You must improve your skills by starting a small business to turn your passion into a business.

It may not be too lucrative initially, but over time and with dedication, it can grow enough to bring you satisfaction. In addition, the money you earn through your small business can also be a source to fund the traveling expenditures of the place you want to visit.

9. Learn a New Language

Did you know that there are more than 7,100 languages spoken all around the world? In a world with so much diversity, it is unfair if you do not learn a new language.

Learning a new language is not just needed when moving to a certain part of the world. It can open new horizons for you and help you communicate better with the communities that exist around you.

Learning a new language cannot be the hardest thing on your bucket list. To begin with, you can start by learning sign language, which can help you communicate better with people limited to the medium.

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