Why is cheesecake one of the healthiest desserts, and how to make it


A cheesecake dessert is made from cottage cheese or, more commonly, cream cheese, sugar, and sometimes other ingredients, such as eggs, heavy cream, and fruit (usually berries: strawberries, blackberries, blackberries, blackberries). Blue, blueberries and, even, lemons or oranges, etc.); all these ingredients are put into a paste made from ground biscuits. Certain types of flavourings can be added, such as jam or chocolate.

Cheesecake is one of the world’s most common desserts and perhaps one of the oldest that uses dairy other than milk. 

Cheesecake has become, in recent years, the favourite dessert of many. Some restaurants even use it as a claim, and their customers come to the premises mainly for the pleasure of being able to enjoy this dessert. The good news is that nutritionally it is a “very interesting” food.

If we talk about calories, it contains the same as breakfast, but when discussing desserts, it is better to focus on other parameters. Thus, the expert recognizes that a good cheesecake contains very healthy foods, and if we know how to include it properly in our diet, ” it can perfectly coexist with us “, he explains.

What does this product contain? To begin with, it has cream cheese, rich in calcium and phosphorus. Also, eggs are rich in protein and vitamin D. Cream, although it has fat, is heart-healthy. The downside is sugar and refined flour.

What is the perfect portion?

The perfect portion, for Luis Alberto Zamora, is always “moderation”, but he insists that more than calories, what is important is quality.

For example, many of the cheesecakes bought in a supermarket have only 2% powdered cheese, and the rest are not entirely healthy.

What other desserts are healthy?

Cheesecake is one of the healthiest desserts, thanks to the ingredients that make it up. Other cakes do not have the same luck, such as tiramisu, which can have up to 500 calories and is one of the most, or chocolate mousse.

But there are also other dishes, such as homemade egg flan or apple pie, that have fewer calories, and if they are homemade and well made, they can be healthy.

The key is, for the expert, not to decorate these desserts with cream, syrup or sugar figures. “Enjoy the dessert. Make it homemade

How to make Cheesecake No Oven With strawberry jam and biscuit base?

A quick and easy dessert perfect for serving cold, ready in 20 minutes!

Prepare this delicious and fresh cheesecake dessert with a sweet layer of strawberry jam.

  • 500 grams of cream cheese
  • 500 grams of whipping cream
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 50 grams of butter
  • 100 grams of cookies
  • Eight sheets of neutral gelatin
  • 300 grams of strawberry jam

For the base, crush the cookies with the crusher. Add the diced room-temperature butter and continue blending. Mix everything well and cover the base of a round detachable mould. Crush with a spoon so that the base is uniform. 

Soak the gelatin in water for about 10 minutes until it is hydrated. 

Put the cream cheese, sugar and cream in a saucepan over the heat. Stir with the whisk and cook for a few minutes without stopping stirring. Then add the drained hydrated gelatin, stir and remove from heat.

Gently pour the dough into the mould on the biscuit base. You can use a spoon so that the dough does not fall directly on the base and thus prevent it from detaching. 

Let the cake rest in the fridge for 6 hours (better overnight). 

After this time, take the cake out of the fridge and cover the surface with the strawberry jam, distributing it evenly. Unmold the cheesecake.

Serve the no-bake cheesecake.
Tips and tricks

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