HVAC Maintenance Ideas for Homeowners


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Why is it always an air conditioner that usually breaks down on the warmest day of the summer? Many of us might have experienced the same dilemma and if you are also the one then you must be aware of the anxiety it brings up. This is even a usual event for people who live in areas where the high temperature is a daily thing.

However, a proper system of heating and cooling units in place creates happy people and gives them peace of mind. Similarly, if you are also here looking for suggestions on how to make sure that your system doesn’t break on the hottest day then we have got your back with the most appropriate suggestions.

1.Alter the Air Filter

Due to the dusty environment outside, the air filters usually get clogged with time and it becomes a problematic area if not taken care of timely. It is necessary to clean out the air filters when it is filled with any sort of dust particles or any other debris. Otherwise, the build up of these particles and debris over time can impact the optimal working condition of the unit. The accumulation of these external materials leads to the slowing of the HVAC unit. However, the regular replacement and cleaning of the filters help lower the load the HVAC unit needs to clean. It is a must to clean the system every two weeks and even more, if you are residing in a dusty environment.

2.Clear the Dust

You might be surprised to know that leaves, branches of trees, grass, and dirt to mention a few penetrate your system of heating and cooling. The build-up of these things can be costly on your pocket as it makes your unit non-functional. Therefore, you must spend a small amount of your time cleaning the debris and clearing the vegetation regularly. This step is a must after a strong windstorm. So why pay the cost for nothing when you can prevent the problem easily?

3.Have a Maintenance Tune-up

When the HVAC unit is in optimal condition, it can assist in lowering the electricity bills to a great extent. As when the HVAC unit is working perfectly it takes less time and voltage to do the work of cooling or heating. So when was the last time you had ac services at your place? if it has been more than one year then your system is probably at the risk of breaking down soon enough.

But it is never too late to take a timely step.  A step of proper repair or maintenance can assist you in getting your system in good shape on the hottest day. Besides that, a timely tune-up helps in figuring out any minor issue that may become huge in the future costing you a huge sum of money.

4.Set Optimal Temperature

The temperature that you set on your system as per your comfort level depends on how efficiently your HVAC unit can handle it. If the system is in good shape it can conserve energy. The fluctuations in temperature push HVAC units harder to function and disturb their efficiency. So it is better to have a temperature set for this purpose.

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