Guide on What to Sell on Amazon FBA


Selling on Amazon is very easy, but the selection of product type is very critical. You cannot sell just anything you want to. If you aim to start a successful e-commerce business, you must be vigilant about the rules of protocols of Amazon. You must look into the interest of people, and choose a product category that gathers maximum customers. For details visit

Although it is not possible to find a product that guarantees you more profit, a more important factor that must be taken into consideration is the price range. The online marketplace is considered to be a better option as it provides more options for deals on various products. And with the start of FBA service, online business has gained a boost, as it helps the sellers in their business by reducing their burden of packing and sending orders to their customers directly.

Select Price Range between pound 10 and pound 50

This price range is most suitable as it helps you to make a good and reasonable profit. Below this range, you might not be able to make more. Choosing this price helps you gain profit since you’re already free from the hassle of packing and sending the products if you are using the FBA service to do the job.

Products that are being sold under the price of pound 50 comes under the category of “impulse buy”. Since this price would be small, this means the customer will buy your product without giving it much thought. So even then, you are still making a good profit.

Select Lightweight and Small product

Heavy and bulky products are difficult to ship to the doorstep of customers. Even if you are selling via Amazon FBA, such shipment is still a hassle. Try to choose products that are light in weight and take up less space in the warehouses. Why choose a heavy and big product are get more charged for storage. You should also avoid breakable products to avoid any kind of loss due to damaged products.

Private Label the Products

Branding products made by a certain company and labeling them under your name is advisable. Although selling products without doing this costs you less, to become a professional, you need to choose a professional approach to attract customers.

Select Non-Seasonal Product

Who doesn’t want to sell all year round? Seasonal products limit you to sell throughout the year as the customers only invest in such products when the right season comes. Customers do not invest in Christmas-related items during summers. Seasonal products may be sold to gain additional profit, but they should not be the main product.

Select products that fulfill a need

Selection of a product that does not solve a problem, becomes a trouble to sell. The majority of the customers search for a specific thing on Amazon rather than just randomly scrolling and searching. Always look for products that can be among the everyday usable products and may gain the attention of the right customers who will buy them.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right product will have a direct influence on the net profit that you intend to make. Good research on the right products targeting the right audience might save you time and money.



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