Mahvush Aslam

Social Media Manager

Conventionality is not morality, self-righteousness is not religion "   - Charlotte Bronte

A bibliophile by birth and a marketing major by education, being a Social Media Manager at Seafire is a dream job.

Between flipping through magazines and my hair I was initially overwhelmed, but I realized at this job that creativity is the inevitable flow that permeates through the pores of imagination, and is aided when you are surrounded by quick-witted talented people.

Besides my rays of inventive wordplay,  is a treasure chest of creativity which I discover every day in my team members, and all of that concocts to establishing and institutionalizing of brands. Sometimes it's calm seas and at times, palpable struggle and flaring of tempers go in the process of brand recognition and brand assembling (our personal taj mahals we like to call it). We have always driven excellence within ourselves and amongst each other. In any plight we face, we have a super composed dapper boss who fixes any quandary with a good-natured laugh.

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